Are you ready?

Jack Grant
Jack Grant

Founder and Co-owner

Addiction doesn’t happen overnight. Nor does anxiety, depression, etc. Before we know it we’ve dug a hole so deep, we can no longer see light coming from the top. All we know is that we are in trouble, and many times aren’t sure how to find our way out. Nashville Addiction Clinic is here to toss you the rope, and encourage you to begin the work of climbing your way out. We will help give you the tools necessary to become sober and stay that way, but you have to be willing to put in the work. You have to want to get sober, want to get to a place of health once again. Together you can get there.

In our judgement free environment, you will interact with staff that cares, therapists who will listen and provide action based guidance. You will meet doctors who understand your addiction and mental health challenges from a clinical perspective. At Nashville Addiction Clinic, you will will meet a team of people who are ready to help you on your journey to health. Pick up the phone, and call us today at 615-927-7802. *Ask about our New Beginnings Program with two weeks of free medication for new patients (some restrictions apply).

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