Misconceptions about Suboxone clinics and Suboxone treatment.

Jack Grant
Jack Grant

Founder and Co-owner

There are primarily two schools of thought when it comes to Suboxone clinics and Suboxone treatment. One school of thought that says, “Suboxone trades one drug for another.” The other school of thought says, “Suboxone helps create momentum for long term sobriety, while creating stability.” Addiction patients are under far greater scrutiny/judgement than patients with other diseases. For example, we wouldn’t place judgement on an insulin patient for taking insulin. We wouldn‘t place judgment on a cancer patient for utilizing chemo therapy. So why does society treat addicts with such harshness? The opiate epidemic is wide spread, and now more than ever we are seeing waves of education. As the disease of addiction takes a more prominent seat in the spotlight, education has an even greater opportunity to dispel myths about the disease.

Nashville Addiction Clinic believes education is a truly important component of the recovery process. We make every attempt to educate our patients in order to make a positive impact our communities. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) plays a vital role in both entry into sobriety, maintenance of sobriety, and long term stability of a sober patient. The length of time a patient is in a Suboxone clinic or in Suboxone treatment, all depends on their individual treatment plan. That plan is authored by a counselor, a doctor, and the patient themselves. We believe it’s incredibly important to involve all our patients in their treatment plan.

The road to recovery is different for everyone. Suboxone clinics and Suboxone treatment may or may not be right for you or a loved one. Our goal is to help you find the best and most successful path to a sober life. Call us today at 615-927-7802 and schedule an appointment to be seen.

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