Nashville Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Don’t Stop – Keep Going Transitioning from inpatient to outpatient substance abuse treatment is often overwhelming. As an inpatient, you learned tools for sobriety in a separate setting. As an outpatient, the challenge becomes how to act in the world while using this toolbox. Nashville Addiction Clinic provides the expertise

What is medically assisted detox?

Detoxing from opioids is painful. Anyone struggling with addiction to opioids can tell you that. The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way. Nashville Addiction Clinic can help prevent painful withdrawals through the use of medically assisted detox. Suboxone, Bunavail, Zubsolv, Subutex, and other buprenorphine/naloxone medications are used

Addiction Breeds Shame and Guilt

As addiction progresses within an individual, so do the compromises one makes. Perhaps it begins with a prescription, and you justify taking an extra dose. Or maybe it begins with recreational drug use, that evolves from weekend use to weekday use. However it begins, it always progresses. As usage progresses,

Are you ready?

Addiction doesn’t happen overnight. Nor does anxiety, depression, etc. Before we know it we’ve dug a hole so deep, we can no longer see light coming from the top. All we know is that we are in trouble, and many times aren’t sure how to find our way out. Nashville

Concierge Outpatient Treatment

Nashville Addiction Clinic is a concierge outpatient treatment facility. Patients can pay for their treatment in 4 week, 3 week, 2 week, and 1 week blocks. While a commitment to sobriety is an ongoing process, we recognize that not everyone can afford 4 week blocks all at once. If you

Active Addiction

What is active addiction? While there is a medical, clinical, and scientific definition, you’re likely not here for a lesson in academics. Rather you want to know how it applies to you or someone you love. Active addiction describes the inability to abstain from behaviors and or substances that interfere

*$200 New Beginnings Program with up to a year of free medication

At Nashville Addiction Clinic we want to help get you started on the right foot. We believe that with a little momentum, you can get and stay sober! That’s why we offer an introductory program for new patients called New Beginnings. It allows you a special introductory price for the

The Opioid Empidemic

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